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Gastroenterology is a branch of medicine that studies the structure and functions of the digestive system in terms of the norm and pathology.


  • the occurrence of heartburn after eating;
  • painful feelings in the stomach, under-ribs, intestinal tract;
  • persistent vomiting and stool disorders;
  • unpleasant to taste burp, bitter taste in the mouth, unpleasant
  • smell from the mouth;
  • decreased appetite;
  • persistent vomiting;
  • painful feelings in the stomach area, which decrease after eating;
  • heaviness in the stomach after eating;
  • skin rash, a complication of her condition;
  • the patient undergoes a long course of treatment with medicines, and in addition chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


  • pathology of the alimentary tract (heartburn, achalasia, diverticulum of the alimentary tract (bulging of its walls), Barret's esophagus; sliding hernia of the esophageal opening of the diaphragm, GERD - gastroesophageal reflux);
  • disorders in the stomach and duodenum (dyspepsia, ulcer, gastritis, lymphoma, stomach cancer, gastroduodenitis);
  • diseases of the bile ducts and the liver (Gilbert's disease, hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis, hepatitis, steatohepatosis, dyskinesia of the urinary tract (GWP), cholecystitis, polyposis, cholelithiasis);
  • disorders of the pancreas (pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, atheroma, pancreatic necrosis, pancreatopathy, pancreatitis);
  • diseases of the intestinal tract (colitis, tumors, diverticulitis, enteritis, disorder, etc.).
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Zhbanova Alla Nikolaevna

Gastroenterologist, General Practitioner Experience: 30 years
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