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Dermatocosmetology is a section of medicine dedicated to solving skin problems with the help of special cosmetic procedures. Solved problems include: wrinkles, warts, scars, acne, stretch marks, rashes and other troubles that violate the natural beauty of human skin.

The arsenal of dermatocosmetology services in Aktobe is replenished daily. Today, many effective methods of dealing with skin problems are known, which a few decades ago was not known.

Procedures that help eliminate skin imperfections fall into two main categories:

  • Classic;
  • Hardware.

Classical procedures include the following:

  • chemical peeling of the skin;
  • different masks;
  • subcutaneous injections;
  • soft and hard massages.

Hardware exposure to the skin is a whole range of services that helps to eliminate almost all known problems. Among the services of hardware dermatocosmetology and the most popular are the following procedures:
Laser radiation, which can be either low- or high-intensity.

  • Cryotherapy;
  • Microcurrent therapy;
  • Special RF lifting;
  • Hardware peeling;
  • Phototherapy and others.

To solve external problems associated only with the skin, a cosmetologist with an appropriate education is involved. For more complex cases related to human health, other professionals are required – gynecologists, endocrinologists, therapists and even surgeons.

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NameUnit of measurementCost
Care Procedures Unstress1 procedure10 000 Записаться
Face cleaning on line Comodex face1 procedure10 000 Записаться
Face cleaning on Comodex back line1 procedure15 000 Записаться
Biorevitalization (depending on the type of drug)1 procedure21000-45000 Записаться
Mesotherapy (depending on the type of drug)1 procedure21000-45000 Записаться
Plasmolifting1 procedure25 000 Записаться
Plasmolifting+kurasen1 procedure35 000 Записаться
Peeling Estelle1 procedure10 000 Записаться

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Dosmagambetova Gulshara Sagidullaevna

Dermatovenerologist-dermatocosmetologist Experience: 18 years
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