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Plastic surgery

We offers a wide range of plastic surgery services. Professional doctors, modern equipment, comfortable wards for recovery await you.

Surgical intervention is not only to improve its appearance, it allows you to get rid of the effects of congenital / acquired defects. Want to forget about scar or scar? Do you want to eliminate the curvature of the nose? Experienced plastic surgeons will help solve these problems.

If you decide to make changes to your appearance with the help of surgery, of course, you must begin with the consultation of a plastic surgeon.

The doctor will evaluate your wishes and the possibility of surgery, possible contraindications.


  • blepharoplasty;
  • otoplasty;
  • cheiloplasty;
  • lipofilling;
  • mammoplasty;
  • liposuction;
  • plasma lifting;
  • botox;
  • filler.
NameUnit of measurementCost
Doctor's appointment1 consultation5000/2500 Записаться

Our doctor

Bralov Ibragim Ilbaevich

plastic surgeon Experience: 12 years
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