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      from the year 2000

      The medical center "BIOS" exists in the market of medical services and positions itself as a center for immunocorrection and extracorporeal detoxification.

      from the year 2003

      Carries out the state order (hemodialysis sessions) within the framework of the state free medical care, provides specialized care to patients with terminal chronic renal failure for hemodialysis sessions.

      Medical center "BIOS" exists in the market of medical services since 2000, during this period of time won the trust of hundreds of patients throughout Kazakhstan, thanks to highly specialized doctors, middle and junior medical staff who provide qualified medical care to patients and create comfort in the institution.


      Your health in safe hands!

      the Make a choice in favor of occupational medicine

      High tech medical
      expert equipment

      An integrated approach to treatment
      individual approach to the patient

      Experienced and attentive
      medical person

      Skilled administrative staff

      Modern and comfortable space

      24-hour hospital



      In the center there are comfortable chambers, dialysis rooms, equipped with modern equipment for disinfection. Swiss water treatment system, the only one in Kazakhstan. There are TVs in the wards, you can listen to music. For each patient there is a tablet and headphones. The Internet. The center provides patients with food and repay transportation costs.

      Our mission

      Our mission

      The mission of the BIOS Medical Center is to restore people's health, improve the quality of life of the population of our region through the provision of affordable, highly qualified medical care.

      And also to carry out continuous movement to the ideal quality of services and sincerely help each patient. Give people hope, smile and kindness.

      1. Provide patients with the best medical care
      2. Prevent and treat diseases in the early stages
      3. Comprehensive care in one place
      4. Safety and effectiveness of treatment.

      Our goals

      Our goals

      The main goal of the Medical Center is to provide specialized and high-tech medical care, preventive procedures for patients in the field of nephrology and allergology.

      1. Become the best in the market of medical services, ensuring the application of the achievements of modern medicine in the interests of the patient
      2. To become a recognized scientific leader in the field of nephrology and allergology, working with the most talented and qualified specialists in this field
      3. Expand its presence in the regions, making the achievements of world science accessible to the people of Kazakhstan and developing a network of advanced medical institutions

      Our specialists

      Our specialists

      The staff of the Medical Center has the highest and first qualification category of doctors. All specialists are trained and improve their skills in leading clinics in the near and far abroad.

      • Human health and life is the highest goal we serve;
      • We are responsible for the health and life of the patient, provide monitoring and timely evaluation of treatment results;
      • Well-coordinated teamwork, including doctors, nurses and administrative staff, who contribute to the common cause during the examination, treatment and rehabilitation of each patient;
      • The high quality of services is complemented by a sensitive and trustful attitude towards the patient, respect for each individual, his family;
      • Each doctor of the clinic is personally responsible for the treatment of the patient;
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