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Surgery is a field of medicine that investigates various acute and chronic diseases that can be eliminated with the help of a surgical intervention (operation).

We operate on adults and children with different pathologies – from an ingrown nail to tumors of internal organs and soft tissues.

For many years of practice, our surgeons conducted hundreds of successful operations, restored health and saved a lot of people thanks to their high professionalism and rich practical experience.


  • Finger rectal test
  • Foreign body removal
  • Primary debridement
  • Primary surgical treatment
  • Outpatient opening of phlegmon, abscesses:
  • Biopsy (histological examination)
  • Removal of a benign tumor
  • Remove hygroma
  • Removal of linoms, lipomas, atheromas and other benign tumors
  • Removal of giant benign neoplasms over 5 cm.
  • Opening the festering atheroma of the face
  • Opening the festering atheroma of the trunk
  • Opening the intermuscular phlegmon and abscesses (including post-injection)
  • Abscess, carbuncle, furuncle, hydradenitis
  • Surgery for the surface form of felon (subcutaneous, suboctial, paronychia)
  • Surgery for complicated forms of panaritium (bone, tendon, articular, pandactylitis)
  • Purulent tendovaginitis, tendobursites
  • Removal of suppurative ligatures of the postoperative scar
  • Amputation of the toes and hands with gangrene
  • Festering hematoma
  • Removal of foreign bodies of soft tissues, m / a
  • Cosmetic stitching of incised wound 1 cm
  • Joint puncture
  • Laparocentesis for ascites
  • Pleural puncture
  • Thoracocentesis
  • Ligation of hemorrhoids with latex rings
NameUnit of measurementCost
Doctor's appointment1 consultation4000/2500 Записаться

Our doctor

Makhatova Bayansulu Khairullaevna

surgeon Experience: 2 years

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