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      Nephrology – Section of medicine dedicated to the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of kidney disease.

      The clinic has diagnostic capabilities that allow to detect even minor deviations in the function or structure of the kidney with high accuracy, which allows early detection of diseases, and then monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment.

      It is important to understand that kidney pathologies often develop latently and are found only in the later stages, and the complications of these diseases are very difficult to treat and often lead to serious consequences, including the removal of the kidney and even death. Only an experienced nephrologist can identify violations in time and select an effective course of treatment.

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      • pain in the back, lumbar region, on one or both sides, prolonged, aching or severe, paroxysmal (renal colic);
      • puffiness under the eyes, puffiness of the face, pastos legs;
      • change in urine color - too light, foamy, the color of the letter, with blood, muddy;
      • change in urination frequency (too often or too rare, urinary retention);
      • headache, feeling unwell, nausea, fever, pale skin;
      • change in urine analysis (presence of leukocytes and erythrocytes, protein, glucose, bacteria, salts, etc.);
      • increase in blood pressure.


      • acute or chronic pyelonephritis or glomerulonephritis;
      • vascular nephropathy and other kidney damage;
      • various infections, inflammation of the urinary tract;
      • renal failure of varying severity;
      • hypertension with kidney damage;
      • kidney damage from medication;
      • urate or diabetic nephropathy;
      • chronic nephritis;
      • urolithiasis;
      • amyloidosis.
      Name Unit of measurement Cost
      Doctor's appointment 1 consultation 6000/3000 Записаться
      Doctor House Call 1 consultation 5000/4000 Записаться
      24-hour hospital 1 day 12000 Записаться

      Our doctor

      Zhulashev Aset Muratovich

      Anesthesiologist-resuscitator, nephrologist Experience: 11 years

      Kogai Victoria Alexandrovna

      nephrologist and general practitioner Experience: 9 years
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      Stepanenko Muminat Ibragimovna

      Nephrologist Experience: 10 years

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