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Ultrasound examination

Ultrasound – Ultrasound the most common and highly informative method of diagnosis is carried out to assess the state of the structure of organs, their functioning, blood supply, the presence of pathological processes and the intensity of their development.

The procedure has a wide range of indications and is actively used to diagnose diseases of various systems of the body, is Also carried out for preventive purposes and to monitor the results of treatment during pregnancy.

It is recommended to undergo ultrasound examination at least once a year to be able to timely identify any tumors and prescribe early treatment, which will be much more effective later.

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NameUnit of measurementCost
Abdominal ultrasound1 survey4000 Записаться
Kidney ultrasound1 survey2000 Записаться
Thyroid ultrasound1 survey2000 Записаться
Breast Ultrasound 11 survey2000 Записаться
Ultrasound of the bladder1 survey2000 Записаться
Ultrasound of the prostate gland (TRUS)1 survey3000 Записаться
Ultrasound of the lymph nodes1 survey2000 Записаться
Soft tissue ultrasound1 survey2000 Записаться
УЗИ локтевых суставов1 пара суставов4000 Записаться
УЗИ плечевых суставов1 пара суставов4000 Записаться
Ultrasound of the joints1 pair of joints3500 Записаться
Ultrasound scrotum1 survey3000 Записаться
Doppler ultrasonography1 survey5000 Записаться
Doppler sonography of the upper extremities (2 arms)1 survey5000 Записаться
Doppler sonography of lower limb arteries (2 legs)1 survey5000 Записаться
Допплерография вен нижних конечностей (2 ноги)1 исследование5000 Записаться

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