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Our doctors

Our doctors

Medvedev Svyatoslav Nikolaevich

higher category nephrologist Experience: 26 years
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Kurmanbaev Bolat Aysultanovich

Candidate of Medical Sciences, surgeon proctologist of the highest category Experience: 19 years
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Izmaganbetova Marvar Kamilevna

nephrologist Experience: 27 years

Dadabayeva Bayan Serikbulatovna

Ultrasound doctor Experience: 12 years
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Tuleuova Ainur Nagimetovna

Allergist ( children, adult), therapist Experience: 16 years
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Zhulashev Aset Muratovich

Anesthesiologist-resuscitator, nephrologist Experience: 11 years

Kogai Victoria Alexandrovna

nephrologist and general practitioner Experience: 9 years
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Stepanenko Muminat Ibragimovna

Nephrologist Experience: 10 years

Dosmagambetova Gulshara Sagidullaevna

Dermatovenerologist-dermatocosmetologist Experience: 18 years
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