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Mangystau region, Aktau, 30 md. house 74/2

branch Director:
Ittegulov Zhanbolat Aganasovich


Reception of a private therapist – no queues and worries!

Virtually any visit to the hospital begins with a treatment cabinet, whether it be health complaints or the need to issue a medical book. The doctor has knowledge in many medical fields, and therefore helps in various situations.


Nephrology – Section of medicine dedicated to the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of kidney disease.

The clinic has diagnostic capabilities that allow to detect even minor deviations in the function or structure of the kidney with high accuracy, which allows early detection of diseases, and then monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment.

It is important to understand that kidney pathologies often develop latently and are found only in the later stages, and the complications of these diseases are very difficult to treat and often lead to serious consequences, including the removal of the kidney and even death. Only an experienced nephrologist can identify violations in time and select an effective course of treatment.


Surgery is a field of medicine that investigates various acute and chronic diseases that can be eliminated with the help of a surgical intervention (operation).

We operate on adults and children with different pathologies – from an ingrown nail to tumors of internal organs and soft tissues.

For many years of practice, our surgeons conducted hundreds of successful operations, restored health and saved a lot of people thanks to their high professionalism and rich practical experience.


Toxicology – is the science of toxic substances, their effects on the human body, methods of examination and treatment.

At the consultation, the doctor will assess your condition, perform the necessary studies and prescribe treatment.

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