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      Mangystau region, Aktau, 30 md. house 1/1

      branch Director:
      Ittegulov Zhanbolat Aganasovich


      Nephrology – Section of medicine dedicated to the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of kidney disease.

      The clinic has diagnostic capabilities that allow to detect even minor deviations in the function or structure of the kidney with high accuracy, which allows early detection of diseases, and then monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment.

      It is important to understand that kidney pathologies often develop latently and are found only in the later stages, and the complications of these diseases are very difficult to treat and often lead to serious consequences, including the removal of the kidney and even death. Only an experienced nephrologist can identify violations in time and select an effective course of treatment.

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      BIOS today — is comfortable and bright rooms, modern equipment, high-quality consumables, a full set of necessary medications, and trained personnel.

      We want our citizens to take care of themselves. We are not indifferent to the health of our fellow citizens, and hemodialysis is not a sentence, but a lifestyle that we improve from year to year. To achieve this, we offer all our patients from different cities (Kostanay, Aktau, Pavlodar, Uralsk) to undergo treatment in a round-the-clock hospital, which is located in the city of Aktobe, where we treat patients around the clock conducting additional procedures to improve the condition.
      We also solve the problems of high levels of PTH not only with drugs, but also through operations on the parathyroid glands. A high level of PTH in patients leads to high blood pressure, anemia, pathological bone fracture and a general deterioration of patients.
      Now we are working with branches in patients with difficult vascular access, we are carrying out operations to form fistulas, for this we invite highly qualified surgeons from other cities of Kazakhstan and Russia.
      To improve the quality of life of our patients, we introduce in each branch the methods of efferent therapy.

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