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In the medical center “BIOS” opened two new offices

Allergic diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the respiratory organs, gastrointestinal tract, liver, gynecological problems, diseases of the endocrine system, skin diseases, systemic connective tissue, eye diseases, nervous system diseases, atherosclerosis, systemic vasculitis are treated in the department of efferent therapy. , viral diseases, in the pathology of the organs of support and movement, methods of efferent therapy are used in neurology.

The level of medicine in the country is also determined by the factor whether there is a transplant.

Marat Tokzhanov

At the grand opening of the new departments in the medical center “Bios” invited the head of the regional health care Asset Kaliyev and deputy mayor of the region Marat Tokzhanov. Marat Tokzhanov noted that Aktobe medicine is known not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad.


Organ transplantation now Kazakhstan occupies one of the leading places.

I am witness that Aktobe medicine is known not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad.

And the founder Saltanat Itegulova remembered how “Bios” began. “Our medical center” Bios “began with two rented rooms in the emergency hospital, two doctors and two nurses” , said Saltanat Itegulova.

These were the difficult 90s. We repaired the artificial kidney apparatus and worked on it. Our center decided to call “Bios”, which means life. From the first days we have entered night duty. We have received many patients with severe poisoning, someone poisoned with pills, someone accidentally used saltpeter. The patients were in serious condition, even in a state of coma they arrived, we pumped out everyone and put them on our feet.

Many years have passed since then. Now “Bios” helps people with renal insufficiency to live. Unfortunately, this disease is not completely cured. Without exaggeration, the artificial kidney apparatus allows such patients to live. Now the branches of “Bios” are located in Aktau, Uralsk, Kostanai, Pavlodar, the main center is in Aktobe. In all, 85 branches of the “artificial kidney” operate in all branches. “Bios” cooperates with doctors from Turkey, South Korea and other countries. In the city of Aktobe, 150 patients with renal insufficiency are treated by state order. In the medical center, people with allergies and skin diseases can also get help. Allergy in our days due to poor ecology is one of the most pressing ailments. Here in a short time will help get rid of the unpleasant effects of the disease.

Chief Medical Officer of the Bios Medical Center Kalamkas Zhangeldinova told about who will be treated in the new departments .

“The outpatient surgery center is built and equipped according to all standards,”  says Kalamkas Zhangeldinova.

The surgical unit is designed for us to perform parathyroid gland operations for our nephrological profile patients, install a peritoneal catheter (with hemodialysis – author’s note), do vascular approaches of various modifications. In addition, there are paid services for general surgery, it is proctology and urology. Vascular surgery is very relevant now. We have several vascular surgeons in our staff, there are visiting doctors who are well-known throughout the country, excellent in public health. In vascular surgery, we have a laser treatment, non-surgical. This method is used to treat, for example, varicose veins, today it is a very relevant disease. Vascular pathologies are treated by a new laser laserhead, all without surgical intervention. And in the center of outpatient surgery, all types of plastic surgeries are performed.

In the department of efferent therapy, modern blood purification devices, more than 500 diseases are treated here. Among them are chronic diseases, acute poisoning, infectious and industrial intoxication. There are various methods: ultrasonic blood cleaning, laser blood cleaning. The necessary method for a particular patient will be selected by a doctor. Some periodically come to the blood purification procedure for the purpose of prevention or rejuvenation. In the center of each patient is an individual approach, and our doctors are always in search of new effective methods of treatment. Efferent therapy is recommended for the prevention of diseases ranging from allergies to gout. So we want our citizens to take care of themselves. We do not care about the health of our fellow citizens, we want everyone to be healthy

On the opening day of the department, a guided tour of the clinic was arranged for the guests. All chambers are made for the most comfortable stay, the rooms are equipped with centralized air supply with air conditioning, so that it would not be hot in summer and cold in winter. You can talk for a long time about equipping the clinic, but its main wealth is the staff. Now many experienced specialists work in “Bios”, they are constantly being improved, they are assisted in this by master classes from well-known Kazakhstani and foreign specialists, and studies abroad.

Patients shared their feedback on treatment.

The patient arrived for treatment with Shalkar and shared the fact that efferent therapy allowed her to give up the oxygen cylinder. The condition after the 40-minute laser blood purification procedure has improved significantly, surprisingly, a lot has passed on foot, without pain. Improved well-being and sleep.

Another patient, who was allergic to even the smell of food (!), Had no effect after using numerous medications. For the first time in many years, only blood purification procedures carried out at BIOS “BIOS” gave sensible treatment for allergies. All this confirms the correctness of the treatment.

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